Lord Simandhar Swami: The Current Living Arihant Tirthankara who Grants Liberation

Lord Simandhar Swami is a living Tirthankara, particularly an Arihant, who is present in Mahavideh Kshetra, another world within our universe. Due to the binding-intent from a previous birth, the Lord has a karmic obligation to perpetuate the moksha marg (path of final liberation from the cycle of birth and death) for the living beings of Earth.


Shri Simandhar Swami


Due to Param Pujya Dadashri’s direct connection with Swami through His subtle body, He could testify the Lord’s status as Arihant Tirthankara in Mahavideh Kshetra. He said, “People ask me who and where an Arihant is?” So, I tell them, “Bow down to Lord Simandhar Swami, as He is present in this universe. Today, He is Arihant. Therefore, bow and send obeisance to Him.” Express your obeisance in this way, “I bow to the Arihant, whoever and wherever He may be in the universe.”


Dada Swami


By establishing a connection with Lord Simandhar Swami, one binds auspicious karmas that result in a future birth in Mahavideh Kshetra. There, one will experience His pratyaksh darshan (“in-person” devotional vision). As a result of pratyaksh darshan one instantly attains the spiritual stage of Keval Gnan (state of absolute Self-knowledge) and after completing any remaining karmas, attains final moksha.


For more information on how to establish and maintain a connection with the Arihant Tirthankara, visit the page Worshipping Lord Simandhar Swami.



Contact with the Living Arihant Tirthankara

The following Gnanis (embodiments of Self-knowledge) and saints reported personal contact with Lord Simandhar Swami. Each of them credits Him profoundly for their spiritual knowledge:

  • Kundkunda Acharya

  • Dada Bhagwan

  • Shrimad Rajchandra
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