The Mumbai Trimandir

The Mumbai Trimandir is located at Rishivan Kajupada on Abhinavnagar Road in the suburb of Borivali-East. Param Pujya Dadashri used to pass by this place years ago and do Vidhis. This Trimandir is located on a hill, 300 feet above the sea level. Pujya Niruma had a strong inner intent for establishing a Trimandir at this place. She used to say that where there is a river flowing and there is a hill nearby, that place is certainly blessed by Goddess Padmavati.

Mumbai Trimandir – Architecture

The entire complex is surrounded by a lush, green forest and the Satsang Hall is on the ground floor of the temple.

Within the temple, visitors will find the idols of Gods of Jainism, Shaivism, and Vaishnavism (along with Gods and Goddesses from other religions), which share equal reverence on the same platform. The idol of Lord Shree Simandhar Swami sits at the center, made entirely of marble and is 156 inches high. The idol of Tulja Bhavani Maa is also located in the Trimandir, as the Goddess was the protective patron deity of the Maratha King Shivaji and is highly worshipped by the people of Maharashtra.

Mumbai Trimandir – Facilities

The Bookstall - Visitors who are interested in finding out more about Dada Bhagwan’s Spiritual Science of Akram Vignan can visit the Bookstall, which is located within the temple. The Bookstall has Books, Audio CDs, DVDs, Audio Books, Photos and much more in Gujarati, English, Hindi, German, Portuguese, Spanish and other Indian languages also.

Amba Foods - Serves a variety of pure vegetarian Indian snacks.


Festivals like Gurupurnima, Rakshabandhan, Janmashtami, Diwali and Indian New Year are celebrated at the temple annually.

Bhakti Programs

There is bhakti at the temple every week and during some festivals too.

Satsang Programs

Satsang programmes are held regularly. Also satsang with an Aptaputra (celibate devotee of Dada Bhagwan) is arranged occasionally.

How to Reach