The Adalaj Trimandir

The Adalaj Trimandir is located 20 km away from the city of Ahmedabad (Gujarat), near the village of Adalaj, on the Ahmedabad-Kalol Highway.

Adalaj Trimandir – Architecture

The temple complex covers an area of 40,175 sq ft, while the temple podium is 20,895 sq ft. The entire complex is surrounded by a lush, green garden with benches, as well as a beautiful fountain at the center. The Satsang Hall is on the ground floor of the temple and is 31,861 sq ft.

The temple also has an informative museum and mini-theatre on Gnani Purush Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, around whose vision the Trimandir has been built. His aim was to remove the differences between religions and further to bring religions back to the seat of the Soul. Building a non-sectarian temple was one of the ways that His vision is being fulfilled. The museum has approximately 3,00,000 visitors in a year, and the mini-theatre runs approximately 9,400 shows in Gujarati, Hindi and English, in which there are 2,22,000 viewers.

Within the temple, the idols of Gods of Jainism, Shaivism, and Vaishnavism (along with Gods and Goddesses from other religions) share equal reverence on the same platform. At the center is the idol of Lord Shree Simandhar Swami, which is 155 inches, and is made entirely of marble.

Adalaj Trimandir – Facilities

Vignan Bhandar Bookstall - Visitors who want to learn more about Dada Bhagwan’s Spiritual Science of Akram Vignan can visit the Bookstall, located conveniently next to the temple. Visitors can find Books, Audio CDs, DVDs, Audio Books, Photos and much more - not only in Gujarati, but in English, Hindi, German, Portuguese, Spanish and other Indian languages also.

Amba Refreshments – The food court serves a variety of pure vegetarian Indian food.

Temple Dining Hall - Serves authentic Indian food

Dormitory and The Stop N’ Stay - Overnight accommodation is available. There is a Dormitory as well as the Stop N’ Stay facility which offers a wide range of rooms including AC and non-AC.

Amba Health Center - The Amba Health Center is a state of the art health center, where Allopathic, Ayurvedic and Homeopathy doctors treat patients all under one roof. Because the health center is run on a highly subsidized basis it provides affordable care even for the marginalized. It is open six days a week, Monday through Saturday.

School Hosting

In an effort to expose children to a spiritual environment, School Hosting has been organized at the temple. Schools from Gujarat and all over India, visit the Trimandir annually taking advantage of this spiritual and peaceful environment. Annually approximately 1,000 schools, that is, 7,000 teachers and more than 70,000 children participate in the School Hosting program. To help them concentrate better while studying, children are also taught to sing “Dada Bhagwan na Aseem Jai Jai Kaar Ho!” The purpose of School Hosting is to nurture life-long values within the children, which will not only be beneficial for their development but also guide them on how to live an ideal life.

Multimedia Shows / Theme Shows

Store of Happiness – Theme Shows and Puppet shows have been specially designed for children in the Store of Happiness, but it is open to all. These shows teach moral values like how to have the ideal teacher-student relationship, how to respect your parents, how to avoid clashes and how to be happy in life.

On Sundays, Theme Shows for adults are shown in the Satsang Hall. These Theme Shows all provide answers to important spiritual questions like: What is the essence of all religions? Who am I? How can I become free from worries and suffering? and What is Permanent Happiness?


Whether it is Gurupurnima, Rakshabandhan, Janmasthami, Ganesh Chaturti, Paryushan, Navrattri, Diwali or New Years - all festivals are celebrated on a grand scale every year. Visitors not only from all over India but also from around the world come to attend these festivals.

Bhakti Programs

There is bhakti at the temple once a week and depending on the schedule during festivals too like: Pujya Niruma’s Punyatithi, Janmasthami and Diwali - just to name a few. Approximately 600 – 1000 followers attend the bhakti programs during these important events.

Satsang Programs

On a daily basis when Pujya Deepakbhai is in Simandhar City, there is morning satsang in Q & A form, from 8 am to 9 am in the Satsang Hall, with him. And when Pujya Deepakbhai is out of town, there is satsang in the morning but it is a VCD satsang or once a week there is satsang with an Aptaputra (celibate devotee of Dada Bhagwan).


Every year approximately 7,00,000 people visit the Trimandir – of those 4,00,000 visitors are new. As soon as visitors step into the temple, they express feeling extraordinary vibrations, as if God is actually sitting in the temple. Whether it is a small child, an adult or someone from any caste or creed - they feel like they are doing darshan of their own God, at their very own temple and experience peace and happiness. This feeling makes them want to come back to the temple as soon as possible.

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